Materials science information resource guide Introduction The M re Library The M re Library houses the current working collections associated with University Library in materials science, as well as math and allied physical sciences.

The acquires that are library to guide both research and training activities in these topics.

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a large number of older print product is retained at the main University Library building on West path. Help and advice Advice on making use of the Library, its collections, or any issue that is information-based be obtained from the Library’s topic specialist staff, who is able to be contacted on ( ) 65676/7 or Sue Lambert (65677, has particular obligation for materials science. Joining the M re Library The M re Library admits all students and senior users associated with the University, as well as other people in possession of a University that is valid Library Medical Library card. Outside staffed hours, access to the Library for reference purposes is supplied to holders of University Cards which have been validated for 24-hour access. Registered visitors eligible for 24-hour access are 1. Undergraduate students 2. Postgraduate students 3. Senior members regarding the University and research staff take note that all persons admitted towards the Library have to register as readers. Audience registration and card validation for 24-hour access must be done in person between 0930 and 1630 Monday – Friday. Arrangement of print collections Classification B ks and journals within the Library are shelved according to the Library of Congress (LC) classification scheme, a system that is alphanumeric that the major topic divisions are allocated just one or dual letter code from A and that site Z. B ks are completely categorized, while journals are simply offered a single- or two-letter classmark and then arranged alphabetically inside this by name.

Although a lot of publications will likely be categorized in the T (for Technology) sections, due to the nature that is interdisciplinary of technology, it is likely that you will also know more about other technology classes, e.g. QD for chemistry. Wide materials-science-related areas include Ceramic technology TP785-TP869 Electronic materials TK7869-TK8360 Engineering materials TA401-TA492 Metallurgy TN600-TN997 Polymer manufacture TP1080-TP1092 Catalogue searching To find things inside the M re Library (and simultaneously the University Library and its particular other reliant libraries), search utilizing Newton. A wide variety of search choices are offered (see online help for details), but the three basic types described below will allow you to find anything else you would like. Journal Title Re Search You wish to discover the article that is journal within the guide H. Jones [1] The solid-liquid interfacial power of metals calculations versus measurements, Mater. Lett., 53 (2002), Individual articles within journals aren’t separately catalogued, which means you need to search for the log in general then always check whether or not that particular volume is held by the Library. Utilize the ‚Basic‘ search choice, and select ‚within Journal title‘ Type the title that is journal the box, and click on ‚ Re Search‘. Like in this example, journal titles are frequently abbreviated in sources. It up in Alkire’s Periodical title abbreviations, at classmark Ref Z6945.A2.P if you don’t know what an abbreviation stands for, try l king

You now obtain a variety of all journal games that match the phrase you typed in.

There are regrettably usually at the very least two documents for each log as a result of previous cataloguing practice check both just before conclude the journal you are considering is not available. Go through the title of the very first log to be taken to the record. It’s simple to note that the year you’ll need is within the Library, and that the journal is shelved at classmark TA. Remember that this name can be available on the internet as an electronic resource, start to see the second item from your initial search

once again, go through the title regarding the log to be taken towards the record The Links lines in the bottom for the screen provide details about what is available; in this case text that is full available from 1982 for this. Go through the line that is relevant be used straight to the internet version of the log

Author / Title Search for publications You want to find the written guide given within the reference M. Ohring [2] Materials technology of slim films, Academic Press, make use of the ‚Advanced‘ search option. Type the author’s surname into the very first box and ch se ‚within writer Name‘. Type a word that is distinctive the title into the 2nd package and select ‚within Title‘. Simply Click on ‚ Re Search‘ at the end associated with screen. At this point you obtain a listing of all the written b ks which match those two terms

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