Popura „Poplar“ Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) is actually among the list of list of principal ladies figures to the the tale, performing.

your woman tend to be an petite 17 year-aged maximum-school student what move in Wagnaria being the best waitress.

Appearance [ modify | alter provider ]

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Taneshima try the greatest younger woman having 1 innocent look your renders people misunderstand the girl inside think she appearance more youthful. She has longer, fluffy, reddish brown locks that it looks tied at the ponytail and many times messed-upwards simply by Jun Satou. completely still although each woman height have always been shorter versus average, this girl seems to feel very well endowed compared to most females.

Identity [ alter | edit source ]

Taneshima possesses bubbly personality, it is often frustrated when individuals presume she in fact was in center or primary college. This girl regularly would like everybody concerning along. She’s even somewhat oblivious, totally not aware concerning Jun Satou’s emotions in direction of Yachiyo Todoroki, next why our individual messes with that girl locks. even though, she manages to the know Yachiyo’s feelings concerning Satou, a lot previously Yachiyo does. This woman in fact is really concerned concerning this girl height and steps simply by herself almost day to day, although really since for the showcase finale she displays last grown taller.

Background [ alter | modify supply ]

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Relationships [ modify | modify supply ]

Co-employees [ edit | edit supplier ]

Souta Takanashi [ modify | modify source ]

Taneshima extremely admires Takanashi, our girl actually is constantly not able in direction of perfectly telephone call him through his surname, suggesting „Katanashi“ rather to „Takanashi“, far anytime corrected.

She adores Kotori (Souta’s alter-ego) due the top appropriate goal wherein this particular girl are definitely actually friendly at Takanashi, generally trying to attain him and Inami together, and experience left out when he doesn’t animal their girl concerning prolonged durations. even, our woman is frequently frustrated by using his ‚limited‘ feedback.

Taneshima believes Kotori in direction of-feeling all perfect babe, in addition in most cases requested Takanashi to get across-dress towards your woman, that this person constantly declines. Popura’s adoration away from Kotori tend to be to will stage in which this woman co-workers inquire this particular girl whether or not she is drawn in order to female, then again this girl denies it. Nonetheless, after meeting Takanashi’s household users plus discovering your they’re all large and with impressive numbers, it babe dropped the girl admiration concerning Takanashi’s babe-form in addition requested authorization to appreciate his siblings, reasoning concerning his family blessed through in gods.

Jun Satou [ modify | alter provider ]

Satou is actually an shut friend concerning Taneshima’s, and/or he usually assists that lady along with actions this girl can’t do. Although, Satou try in enjoy using Yachiyo, so that when this person panorama Yachiyo investing occasion stage at Kyouko, this person becomes angry, and inside change, bullies Taneshima. Usually with teasing the woman concerning the woman height, and then messing with each woman „fluffy“ tresses with putting that it at another hairstyles as only ruffling it.

Kyouko Shirafuji [ change | modify provide ]

Kyouko is about defensive out of Taneshima, and has now nowadays get it schedule to shield your woman shortly after bullies within ones restaurant. this time that it woman is on your manager, Kyouko are permitted to use physical physical violence in direction of that the bullies, typically always reasons consumers in direction of not return, keeping Taneshima safe and secure plus safe.

Yachiyo Todoroki [ edit | modify provider ]

enjoy Kyouko, Yachiyo usually defends Taneshima anyone insults the girl height and this ended up being commonly Satou who she in fact try in order to protect Taneshima opposing.

Mahiru Inami [ modify | modify give ]

Taneshima and Inami have constantly been incredibly close family members plus friends, as well as many times talk inside every some other inside advice at Inami overcome their lady androphobia. Taneshima additionally highly involves simply by by herself in Inami’s welcome for the Takanashi. this one girl endeavours to press consumers together in almost every way your it girl can, and scolds Takanashi when he creates Inami feel wrong. At episode 12, Taneshima prepared Takanashi ensure towards go off at your duration along with Inami just since cost for the gaining Taneshima feeling bad.

Souma Hiroomi [ change | edit supply ]

Taneshima and Souma is very good buddies, however Taneshima is scared concerning him mainly because this person knows her black fool, and then makes use of so it getting each female to do his efforts concerning him.

Aoi Yamada [ edit | edit provide ]

As a result Taneshima will not witness at Yamada’s lays, she believes what Yamada is a sweet and type girl having unfortunate last. Furthermore, since Taneshima styles older versus Yamada, she took your risk making Yamada think to the woman once the woman „onee-san“ (elder sister) so that this girl would not stay showed up directly straight down after by just Yamada. But, Yamada presently seemed down on top of their lady including plus patted that woman mind. Taneshima looks quite oblivious in order to find your.

Other people [ edit | edit give ]

Takanashi Household [ change | change provide ]

Popura styles upwards in Souta’s mother and also Takanashi siblings since they are more higher, typically is actually things and Popura aspires to continue to be 1-time period. Popura particularly admires Souta’s mother, Shizuka Takanashi, this time it this girl skilled previous become brief plus Popura, but Souta’s mother applied that the lady own will power towards being high when she wound up to be pursuing that the lady spouse.

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