Account takeovers generally happen because men and women have accessed your login information.

Someone has had over my account

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That will happen in a few means. The best, needless to say, is utilizing a password that is simple to guess. Another choice is because of a information breach on another web site. If you utilize equivalent password on several different internet sites or services, in that case your accounts on all of them have actually the possible to be taken over if one site has a protection breach. Lists together with your email address and passwords are sold to actors that are bad will endeavour your password on several different internet sites until they find the one that works. This site lets you enter your current email address and see if you have got an account on another site that has been afflicted with a data breach.

Your OkCupid account may have been bought out if you notice the immediate following

We can assure you that OkCupid is protected. All passwords on OkCupid are encrypted and not also help staff is able to see what they are.

In the event that you received a notification we noticed suspicious task in your account

We’ve already locked out anyone using your account and changed your password for you personally. Use the website link in the e-mail to ch se a new password. If the web link directs one to a page that is expired you may want to clear your c kies and cache.

If you suspect your account is absorbed and possess not gotten an email from us

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Step 1. Make yes the e-mail address on your account remains yours. If the current email address has been changed, please contact support (see „If you’ll need extra help“).

Step 2. Change your password

Option One Go directly to the password reset page and enter your current email address. This will immediately log you out, change your password, and send you a login connect to go with a password that is new.

Option Two visit your Account Settings page and select a password that is new.

Action 3. Add your phone number for your requirements for just Two Factor Authentication / login via SMS rather than a password

If you need additional assistance

Please inform us by emailing support@okcupid if you’d like extra help.

If the current email address on your own account was changed and also you can not back change it

  • If you’ll need a refund for acquisitions made under your account
  • If you fail to log into your account once more
  • Just how to protect your OkCupid account

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