Here’s an appealing picture from my collection that we picked up in Gallatin Gateway year that is last

Diner Hunter

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Ben and His Oldsmobile – Livingston, MT

. A little bit of research reveals Livingston because the location. Appears like these people had quite the trail journey, 32,000 miles on a pair of tires, down at minimum in terms of Tijuana and right back. I’d want to know the stores. Seems like in regards to a 1925 Olds. Me know in the comments if you have more info on the exact year and model, please let!

English Diner No. 1 – Salisbury, MD

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Thompson’s Diner opened in 1929 at 209 East Main Street, Salisbury, Maryland. The barrel r fed diner had been purchased by Jack English in either 1934 or 1936, with respect to the source, and was the first of that which was to be always a diner empire in the Eastern Shore.

According to a 1967 article into the Salisbury frequent occasions, “Mr. English, a Riverton farm kid whom went to business university right here by hose and buggy. . . worked in canneries, for Victor Talking Machine in Camden, NJ, and starting as an purchase kid for the American Stores Co. he became supervisor regarding the Philadelphia store, later on becoming manager that is general of New Jersey region.

In the 1930s, the old 36 barrel r f had been traded in on a big L-shaped dual monitor r f graft, on the other hand for the L shaped c.1947 O’Mahony “arrow” style diner. This diner sat 200 with its dining r m addition. The diner survived very long enough to make it into the guide into the relative back of Richard Gutman’s “American Diner Then and Now”, but has since been replaced with a mansard r fed stone office. It would appear that the main dining kitchen or r m nevertheless stands. a thanks that are big Ed Engel for bringing the 1960s article to my attention. I’ve been l king for info to fill the gaps regarding the English Diner chain for decades!

The DeLite/Deluxe Diner – Harrisburg, PA

A Brill metal Diner found its way to Harrisburg, PA on July 1, 1929 from the factory in Springfield, MA. Its installation was supervised by Robert H. Lewis for the J.G. Brill Co., who had previously been in Harrisburg for a product sales trip in March of 1929. It was originally put up at 329 Walnut Street and cost $12,500. The diner had been owned by Robert B. Brown of 259 Seneca Street, who’d used diners in Philadelphia. He operated the diner from 1929 until their suicide in 1933. Their widow, Gertrude Brown, annexed the diner and ran it until 1940, as s n as the YMCA expanded their building Minneapolis dating onto the web site plus the diner ended up being forced to go.

The newspapers and directories have a bit of confusion about the title. 1929, 1930, 1931 get it detailed because the DeLuxe Diner. 1930 has got the DeLite Diner at 239 Walnut. In 1933, the DeLite diner appears at 325 Walnut Street, placed in the directory alongside the DeLuxe, still at 329 Walnut. Later on, the DeLuxe Disappears from the listings while the DeLite begins to be listed at 329. Articles in regards to the elimination of the diner for the YMCA expansion alternately reference it once the DeLuxe therefore the DeLite. “Deluxe” had been a name that is standard Brill Diners of this duration.

The Penn Diner – New York City

I recently got this (probably) 1950s slip of the latest York City’s Penn Diner. It replaced a mature barrel r f model, however the neon moved. The caption regarding the fall is in Japanese.

Haussner’s Baltimore

Haussner’s opened in 1926 and served its final meal in 1999. My matchb k from this advertises its Bavarian Rathskeller and Haussner’s Bavarian Orchestra. The restaurant ended up being fabled for its art collection, which offered at auction after the restaurant shut for ten million bucks. A block down from Haussner’s at the Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival, so I t k some pictures of the building as luck would have it, I spent the day.

Bob’s Diner – Bainbridge, Nyc

Bob’s in Bainbridge, NY had been a homebuilt dating to 1935, after the design and proportions of factory build models but wider. It’s been renovated several times as well as the barrel that is original shape is not any much longer recognizable.

Country Kitchen- Whitney Point, NY

I can’t find my picture of the front side with this diner. It’s a ’50s stainless home-built. Very little to l k at inside. Pic. I think the back side is more interesting- there’s a vintage barrel r f hiding behind, acting due to the fact kitchen area.

Diner Discover Peter’s Carry Out

You’d never ever know to l k at it from the street. For years I’ve been going to Potter’s and Weaver’s violin store, which share a relative back parking lot with Peter’s. For years I’ve been likely to the Tastee just a few blocks away, and I’ve st d under the awning of Peter’s to shield my digital camera from glare while capturing associated with the former Little Tavern located appropriate across the street. However for whatever explanation, I’ve never ever l ked inside.

But sure enough, back behind the facade of the shopping that is little lies a shock. a long row of st ls and a barrel r f. Whereas all the other buildings in this strip have basements, Peter’s doesn’t. The r f that is barrel regarding the inside the diner, is finished for external usage at the top side, in a space which is now a loft, using the sometime ago addition of the flat r f, flush along with the rest of the organizations on that road. Bing satellite pictures reveal a seam that is clear either side of Peter’s. All that confirms that Peter’s wasn’t constructed on site, but ended up being one thing that is“other the textile of the streetscape, brought in from somewhere else and put up.

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