We are headed to Imperial, CA and also the Starbucks clerk gave us the tale of how the town got its title.

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After making the mega-farm nation of Westmoreland (free evening camping in a wildlife refuge near huge cattle and cabbage farms – stunk such as a skunk!) we peddled east to the sand dunes of Imperial, CA. Regarding the way, we stopped at a Starbucks in Brawley (just place with free wifi). These were super nice plus the clerk came over to hear our stories! If you’re ever in Brawley, Starbucks is the destination to get.

Back when the West was being settled, the designers desired to attract individuals to this God-forsaken desert. They named it Imperial so people would think this is land for royalty and top crust people. So people came…and because it turned out, western of right here (Brawley) the land was quite fertile and became extremely farm country that is g d.

Speaking of farm country, water through the Colorado River can be used to irrigate a lot of the Southwest! Even as we closed in on the Arizona border as we found out later, there were many more mega farms.

Westmoreland/Brawely Camp Web Site

30 kilometers later, we pulled into BLM headquarters at the Imperial Dunes BLM car park. BLM is short for Bureau of Land Management and it governs all nationwide Parks (NP), National Wildlife,(NWR) National Forest (NF), National Monuments(NM) along with other land that is governmental. West of this Mississippi, there’s a large amount of free and cheap camping on these lands.

We create camp into the desert about 5 kilometers east regarding the BLM headquarters (east side associated with railroad tracks – west side cost $40 per week. East is free). Surely desert…but much different compared to the desert right back near Julian, no cacti are present.

Imperial Camp Site – near dunes

Corey had the initial of 2 tires that are flat. We stayed a extra time just outside of Ehrenberg, AZ. to repair the matter. Flats are huge nemesis to bikers. I’m nevertheless hoping to stay Phoenix for the weekend. We shall see.

“ Scenario from CITY SLICKER movie”. Mitch (Bily Crystal) questioned this is of life. We can relate 😊. A trip such as this will do that. It’s tough biking 30 plus kilometers each day particularly in the wilderness. Temps remain 75 and a head wind that is little. I was able to park and drive about 8 kilometers. We will camp here two nights to re-adjust and allow sore muscle tissue and joints have a break. I will have more riding in once we rest (there are tracks throughout the desert. Just don’t want to get lost). We also need to learn how read this post here to keep things charged up – yesterday, Corey’s GPS died. Our phones went low on power. So we have actually laptops to keep charged. I have been able to stay on top of my laptop and phone with automobile chargers but we have to determine Corey’s situation. While i drive if we plan, we can do most of it.

Not certain that this Bonnie & Clyde’s vehicle (see bullet holes) or Jimmy Hoffa’s car. The desert is a big destination, packed with surprises!

Nice spot for people doing some bonding. We brought a great amount of f d but water is at reasonably limited. Wanting to conserve but there are numerous locations where have actually water for sale ($2.00 a container). Things we take for granted in Maine! Insufficient facilities and water ensure it is tough to get cleaned up… I have always been in hopes the Colorado River provides us some relief in a day or two. If not, feels like a motel stay 🌴

Listed here is a relevant concern for my Rumford Elementary Sch l friends. We found a big saltwater pond here in southeastern Ca, the Salton Sea. How can a saltwater is supposed by you lake created here? Listed here is another question that may just take some research (your teachers will have to assist you to.) If this is certainly mostly wilderness country, just how can they have big tracks of farmland in places? Hint The Colorado River is not really a long way away.

Listed here is a picture of my leg with all the Barrel Cactus. The Cactus continues to be standing. The leg has holes that are multiple

Our plans are changed slightly. We surely got to the Colorado River Tuesday ( not Monday). Our next overnight from then on are going to be east of Quartzsite, AZ. .Yea, we made it to Arizona. Stay tuned, aspire to s n be in Phoenix! рџђ«

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